Mojacar MjH3 - 2016 - What's Hapnin

mojacar map

What's happening this year!

Day Event Dinner
Sat 23rd Apr Advanced scouting party arrive. Pavanna bar 11pm for pints of G&Ts

Indalo hash run 191: Bar Angelita On Rambla de Oria.

Hares: Norman Bates and Puff the Magic Dragon
Pavanna 6-7
Mon Scouting Pavanna 6-7
Tue Scouting Local / A - B
Wed 27th Apr

Ch3 hashers arrive

Market day in the Pueblo. Near school
Pavanna 6-7
Thu 28th Apr

Pink Path run to the beach. 11:00am plaza to Patio 2000. Dip in sea? Coffee, beer. Walk back via scenic route

Registration at Pavanna bar 19:00.

Pavanna 6-7

Group up at Regy and do your own thing.
Fri 29th Apr

Pink Path Run 4:00 pm start at the plaza

GM Pedro. Seems appropriate for the beach

If scouting has worked we hope to have found the sea
Pavanna when you get off the bus.
Sat 30th Apr

Turro run. Organised by Turro hash. A to B run. Car pool to A.

Details at Rego.
The Saturday night un-birthday party. Live band, beer and food. Bring your own.
Sun 1st May

Joint run with Indalo H3 run 192 - The bar Las Delicias, Lubrin.

Hares: Two'ats and Prickly Tits

Coach pick up ouside Pavana at 9 am

Nice Hash in the mountains

Market day. Near art centre below Pueblo.

Pavanna 6-7

Dinner Paella. 8-8:30pm - Repeat of previous year because it was so good!
Mon 2nd May

Dumpster Diver amble. 11:00am plaza

Hare: Lightning
Pavanna 6-7
Tue 3rd May Hangover Pink Path run to the beach. 11:00am plaza to Patio 2000. Pavanna 6-7
Wed 4th May Time to go home. Coach pick up outside Pavanna for Murcia. Leaves at 16:00. (flight is 21:10) Benghazi to Malaga bars.