The 2017th

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The Program

Very shortly we will be publishing a full program for the event which you will be able to download and print.

The Cambridge YHA

The Cambridge Youth Hostel (97 Tenison Rd, Cambridge CB1 2DN) has been booked for visiting hashers. The location is only a 10 mins walk from the station. There will be 68 of you staying Friday and Saturday. There is a Friday evening meal and Saturday and Sunday breakfasts. The Saturday meal is at the Cambridge University Sports Pavilion. This is a change from the original plan as the YHA will not give us permission to serve our own beer, wanting to sell their own. This is completely against the wishes of all hashers. As a result we have moved the Saturday evening events to a new venue and provided free transport. The new venue allows us complete freedom to service the hash in the traditional way; i.e. free beer! Any drinks at the YHA can be purchased separately (BYO).

Cambridge University Sports Pavilion (CUSP)

The Saturday Evening Venue is at the CUSP (Wilberforce Rd, Cambridge CB3 9AD) starting with buffet dinner at 7 pm (closes 7:30). A paid shuttle bus will ferry people to and from the YHA on Saturday evening starting at 6 pm. The shuttle takes 49 people. The pavilion bar, run by CH3 will be opening at 6pm. The walking distance is 2.25 miles.

The Events

Registration 4-6 pm is on Friday at the YHA followed by dinner for YHA residents.
After dinner there will be a traditional pub crawl around Cambridge (bring money). The theme is pirates and we have booked 5 punts from 7 - 8:30 for your amusement. Punting will be in 3 groups defined by your registration arm band colour. We will be ending up at the smallest pub in Cambridge. First 72 pints at the Radegund are only £1. Dress as a pirate to qualify.
Saturday will be an out of town run using buses; there are 3 trails to suit all needs. Lunch and the circle will be in a village hall. Free beer!
Saturday evening will be the main party with lots of drink, music and cabaret. The party theme is 'Back to the Future' and the hall will be appropriately decorated. So please make an effort to come in fancy dress.
Sunday is the traditional hangover run and is the actual 2017th.

We have now organised a Thursday Red Dress run from the Wrestlers pub (Newmarket Rd, Cambridge CB5 8JE) at 7 pm. This is a traditional charity run. BYO beer and food. Please register if you want to eat afterwards. The pub is famous for its excellent Thai food.

On Monday there's a post-lube run with the Cantabrigensis H3 from the St. Radegund pub at 7pm (129 King St, Cambridge CB1 1LD). It's KitOff's Rocky Horror trail so please dig out your fanciest undies! BYO beer. (You will be visiting this pub on the Friday pirate trail.)

Registration closes Sat 20th May

We are able to offer a price of £105 for the full weekend. Alternatively £25 for the Saturday party only. Cabaret, nibbles, drinks and live Band (no food). All are welcome on the Sunday run.

Accommodation is still available at the YHA at £35 per night. Select correct options when registering.

Basic price includes:

Accommodation includes:

2017th Herald

This is being prepared by Great Uncle Bob and the Bear and will be a commemorative magazine.


26th – 29th May 2017. Sunday the 28th is the 2017th run