Cambridge Hash House Harriers

Welcome to the home page for the Cambridge Hash House Harriers.

Web hare

To cut a long story short, we are a drinking club with a running problem. If you think you would enjoy a non-competitive run around the local countryside, followed by a beer or two in a local hostelry afterwards, hashing may be for you.

The Cambridge hash meets every Sunday throughout the year, starting at 11am sharp, so to avoid being left behind arrive at about 10.45 am.

New runners and visitors are especially welcome, just turn up at the run venue at 10.45am. Please bring clean shoes to change into if it looks like shiggy weather. The run cost is £3 (GB pounds).

Cuming Runs

Click on the postcode for a location map of the pub/inn
If the pub has its own web site, clicking on its name will take you there.

In some cases an arrow may point to the actual pub or else random spot nearby! Larger or smaller scale maps can be viewed by using the "Zoom" button at the bottom of the map.


Run 2121 May 26th - Mystery, Mystery, MYS TRY
Hare: Big Leg and Debonaire
Coach starts at Haddenham @ 9.00 am travelling to Cambridge North and Main stations for pickup. Coach will return @ 4:30 pm.
Run 2120 May 19th - Bendysh Hall, Radwinter, CB10 2UA
Hare: Earl of Pamisford
Scribe: Hold It For Me
Bring you own drink and food. No pub.
Run 2119 May 12th - Ram Hotel, Brandon, IP27 0AX - Tel: 01842 810 275
Hare: Schoolboys Dream and Muthatuka
Scribe: Jonah Dick
Run starts at the church at Santon Downham IP27 0TQ Plenty of parking on village green. On on at the Ram.
Run 2118 May 5th - Blue Ball, Grantchester, CB3 9NQ - Tel: 01223 846 004
Hare: Hold It For Me
Scribe: Unmentionable

How to Lay a Trail

Thanks to deliverence we now have a link to some instructions on how to lay a trail. Future Hares please check out How to Lay a Trail before setting out to rece the trail.

For the more cybeer orientated Hares there's a Map your run thingy which might help you ensure that your trail isn't too long - although an easier guide is to keep within four squares on the oS map!


For those who are interested in statistics, why not check out how many Runs everyone has done. This is now being updated regularly and may even be accurate. Please pass your thanks/abuse/complaints directly to Pedro who now compiles the Stats and keeps them up to date.

These pages are maintained by DaveTheRave and if you have half a mind to join us (that's more than enough),
please email Cambridge HHH